Community comes together to help beloved vet shot dead at Baltimore Veterinary Hospital

BALTIMORE — John Trujillo, a 66-year-old veterinarian, is still recovering from being shot by his brother, who then barricaded himself inside Light Street Animal Hospital.

The beloved animal doctor known as “Doctor T” established Light Street Animal Hospital in 2001.

Now a community is stepping up to help Dr. Trujillo.

Laura Wiebking, a friend of the doctor, opened a GoFundMe account to raise money for medical expenses, and it nearly reached its initial goal of $5,000 within the first 48 hours.

Help for beloved vet shot dead at Baltimore Veterinary Hospital

“He has already had an operation. There’s another operation going on, but from what I understand he’s in good spirits and he’s making his way, and I think it’s going to be a long road, but knowing John and his determination, he will graciously come out of this place,” Wiebking said.

Police say the popular vet was shot in the leg, causing so much damage that it remains uncertain whether doctors will be able to save the member.

His brother, who has not been identified, surrendered to the police. He has not yet been charged, but has been taken in for a mental evaluation.

Jean Trujillo friend of the family

John Trujillo

“It would be tough for John,” Wiebking said. “There are a lot of steps in the building. He’s always running from here to there to anywhere because he’s always very busy and not being mobile or having difficulty being mobile would definitely affect him. So, yes, we would like to do whatever we can give to help him with his mobility which will definitely come out of this GoFundMe campaign.


WMAR Staff

AFTER: Alleged animal hospital barricade shooter will undergo mental evaluation

Wiebking said Dr. Trujullo has become a fixture in the community for providing care and compassion for companion animals and their owners.

“It just exudes cuteness, and everybody in 2020 got a dog, because that was the thing to do, because everybody stayed home, and now everybody brings their dogs or their cats or his hamsters or whatever to John, because he’s the best,” Wiebking said. “A wonderful human being and a wonderful veterinarian.

To help the family, visit the GoFundMe site.

Benjamin M. Yerger