Chelmsford Animal Hospital provides compassionate and progressive veterinary healthcare

The animal hospital offers emergency and urgent care services five days a week

Chelmsford Animal Hospital aims to continually improve its capacity and facilities to ensure it can provide the highest standard of animal care available.

Its mission is to maintain a practice that has earned the distinction of providing progressive and compassionate veterinary health care to the companion animals of loving, responsible and knowledgeable clients.

Emergency and Urgent Care Services

With a team of trained staff, Chelmsford Animal Hospital has a veterinarian and trained staff on duty five days a week, enabling the hospital to handle any urgent care issues that may arise with your pet.

Typically, an emergency team consists of at least one veterinarian and several technicians working together to treat pets and save animal lives.

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What is considered an emergency?

Emergencies can include things like rat bait poisoning, pets getting hit by a car, and chocolate ingestion, to name a few. If your pet needs emergency treatment, it’s important to get them there immediately. If possible, it is recommended to call before arriving at the hospital so that a member of the team can advise you on your specific emergency.

What is urgent care?

Chelmsford Animal Hospital also provides emergency care services when an animal’s condition is not considered life threatening and you believe it needs to be seen before an appointment can be made. Vets will work to accommodate your pet between scheduled appointments or refer you to a clinic that is on call for emergencies that day. Chelmsford Animal Hospital is part of the Sudbury Vet Association’s emergency after-hours rotation, which means that if your pet needs care over the weekend or after hours, you can access a veterinarian at all times.

Important things to know

When looking for a veterinary care clinic, you should be able to count on top quality care and excellent service. At Chelmsford Animal Hospital, you can count on a team of veterinary experts to provide you with the best possible healthcare for your pet. The hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that is clean, comfortable and efficient.

Chelmsford Veterinary Hospital recommends:

Annual health checks including a complete physical examination and vaccinations. It is also advisable to have your pet’s stool tested annually to check for the presence of parasites.

Bring your pet’s medical history when you arrive at the clinic. It’s best to keep a diary of your pet’s health throughout its life, including changes in behavior.

Chelmsford Animal Hospital aims to provide compassionate and progressive veterinary healthcare for companion animals. Want to know how to choose the right veterinarian for you and your pet? Visit the clinic website discover.

To schedule an appointment, call 705-855-8869 or complete the online application form.

Benjamin M. Yerger