Bluebonnet Animal Hospital & Riverside Vet Pet Of Week: Meet Tarzan, from the Austin Animal Center!

Austin Animal Center is featured Tarzana beautiful 2 year old puppy who is ready to find his forever home!

AAC’s Stephanie McCutcheon says, “Tarzan is a cute patootie! This dog is super sweet and so inquisitive. Sadly, Tarzan ended up at the shelter due to the death of his previous owner. Tarzan lived with children and he does like other dogs!

“He has a really goofy personality and his coat is so soft. He loves to “zoom” around the playground and just has a very carefree personality. Tarzan is available for adoption, or for fostering, if you are not ready for the commitment to adopt.

“We need Austin’s help!” AAC is still struggling with space for medium and large dogs and we are over capacity: 117% at last check. We really need Austinites to come adopt or foster. We are open Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

To visit Austin Animal Center website for more information.

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Benjamin M. Yerger