Bluebonnet Animal Hospital Riverside Vet Animal of the Week: Meet Konan

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Each week we feature a new four-legged friend looking for their forever home in our Pet of the Week Bluebonnet Animal Hospital and Riverside Vet. This week we feature Konan from Human Heroes of Texas.

One-year-old Konan is a VIP at their adoption center in Leander. He is small and mighty! Konan is like the energetic bunny running around the playgrounds in Texas Humane Heroes. He enjoys toys and hobbies, especially tug of war, hiking, running, and water play. It would be a perfect addition to your morning runs.

Konan is still a puppy and would do best in a home with older kids because he has so much energy, and as a single dog or with a buddy who has a similar style of play. You can visit her at Texas Humane Heroe’s Leander Adoption Center today!

About Texas Humane Heroes

Founded in 1979, Texas Humane Heroes is a non-killing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with adoption centers in Leander and Killine Texas. They rescue dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters who are often forced to euthanize themselves for space or serious medical conditions.

Check out upcoming Texas Humane Heroes events!

In Leander and Killeen, Texas Humane Heroes provides affordable neutering and neutering clinics and low-cost vaccination clinics to the community, furthering our mission to provide equitable access to lifesaving medical care. Visit their cheap clinics page to learn more!

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