Bluebonnet Animal Hospital Pet of the Week: Mama Pasta from Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Animals Alive! is featured for Mama Pasta for Bluebonnet Animal Hospital “Pet of the Week” Segment.

“Hi, I’m Mama Pasta and I and my 10 puppies need a foster home ASAP! I’m scared of people but I’m a good mom and want to get out of this shelter into a loving home!

“This pup is currently located at our Animal Center in Town Lake (1156 W. Cesar Chavez, but use 1200 Reserve Road for mapping purposes). We would love to show them to you! To learn more about them, visit any day between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. We are open 7 days a week! Go to building B and ask to speak to a matchmaker to favor this pup. You can sit down and chat about everything we know about them, and if that’s okay with you, then you can meet them! Please expect a wait time unless you are arriving just as we open as we cannot dictate walk-in traffic (wait times tend to be higher in the evenings and weekends ). If this pup ends up not being the best choice, we have so many other puppies in need that we can suggest for your on-site household!”

Tips for keeping your pet cool:

  1. Exercise your pet lightly in the early morning and late evening and stay in shaded areas.
  2. Keep your dog home and out of the elements between about 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Don’t take your dog for a run during this time – it’s just too dangerous.
  3. Never leave your dog in a car without the air conditioning. They can die very quickly.
  4. Include water in your dog’s play routine. Paddling pools, baby pools, lakes and rivers are all great ways to help your dog have fun and stay cool. However, in the heat of the day, even water won’t keep your dog cool enough, so save these activities for the morning and evening.

Learn more about volunteering, promoting, adopting and donating to Austin Pets Alive! at

If you would like to foster or adopt one of the dogs or cats from Austin Pets Alive! go to their website, There are plenty of puppies and kittens currently in foster homes, so be sure to check out these socialized pets…they’re ready to go to forever homes!
And for those of you who can’t adopt or adopt, Austin Pets Alive! always looking constant companions. With a monthly donation, you can help support Austin Pets Alive’s medical treatment and lifesaving programs!

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Benjamin M. Yerger