Bluebonnet Animal Hospital Animal of the Week: Austin Animal Center Josh

Meet the Austin Animal Center’s Studio 512 Bluebonnet Animal Hospital Pet of the Week: Josh!

Austin Animal Center says: “Josh arrived at the shelter on July 2, 2021! Yes, over a year ago. Luckily, he recently joined a foster home and he’s thriving! But Josh’s adoptive dad has to travel, and Josh is going to have to come back to the shelter this weekend, unless someone watching the show can adopt or adopt Josh!

We would like him not to come back to the shelter.

Josh is 3 years old and weighs about 65 lbs.

Of course, Josh LOVES the tennis ball and the tennis ball, he’s a Labrador after all.

His adoptive father says he is the happiest dog ever, he loves walks, playing with toys. Josh has the sweetest puppy eyes so he’s so easy to spoil. Belly massages are a must!

Josh will do best in a house, with a fenced yard (for all fetch games) where he can get regular exercise and all the love from his human friends.

While Josh used to live with another dog and attend playgroup at the shelter, he is still decompressing from his life time in a kennel – so we recommend a home with no other animals for the moment.

Josh is affectionate, silly and really can be your best friend!

If you want to learn more about Josh, or be the hero to foster or adopt him so he doesn’t have to come back to the shelter, head over to our website, search his name and you can click on this adopt me button to get in touch with his adoptive father.

The shelter is full of animals. We desperately need foster families and adopters! You can find out all about foster care on our website. And if you want to adopt, just come to the shelter and meet the more than 320 dogs we have and 200 cats!

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Benjamin M. Yerger