Berkeley Co. Animal Center asks for help as overcrowding worsens

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) — With more than 500 animals on-site and in the process of being adopted, the Berkeley County Animal Center says the overcrowding problem at their shelter is not getting better.

“We’ve been at capacity a lot of times, but I think right now we’re kind of hitting higher numbers,” Berkeley County government spokeswoman Jenna-ley Jamison said. “We’ve had 6,000 arrivals in the last year that we’ve dealt with, and the aim is that this isn’t a place where they stay.”

Currently, it costs $20 for an adult cat or dog and $50 for a kitten.

Animal center officials say the low fees are a direct response to overcrowding.

Animals entering the center, officials say, are not just strays, but owners who abandon their pets. Some of the pets are abandoned with medical needs, which animal center officials say is just one of the many reasons owners abandon their pets.

An animal at the shelter had about $8,000 in surgery and medical bills after her owners dropped her off. Shelter workers also say they’re not just looking to find people to adopt and foster, but they want to find the owners of several animals that are brought in.

Between missing pets, strays and abandoned animals, officials say they don’t have enough room for these animals to stay.

“We just have a lot of animals in the community. The shelter is overcrowded. We are often overcrowded. We’re just asking for help from the community now,” Jamison says.

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Benjamin M. Yerger