Austin Animal Center unable to house more animals

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Animal Center has no additional capacity to house animals starting June 24, and staff may have to resort to euthanasia.

That’s according to a June 25 city memo from Director of Animal Services Don Bland. The memo states that each kennel is full and the staff is doubling up the dogs in each suite.

From June 1 to June 23, Bland said AAC took in 1,146 cats and dogs. During this same period, AAFC had 898 results, which means that these animals are no longer at the shelter.

As of June 25, AAFC had 604 animals on site and another 411 in foster care.

Bland said this situation is not unique to AAFC.

“Shelters across the southern United States face the same challenges,” Bland wrote in the memo.

On top of that, animal rescue partners with AAFC are also at full capacity and cannot accommodate additional cats or dogs to assist. All of these factors could cause AAC staff to issue possible euthanasia notifications, jeopardizing the shelter’s non-mortality status.

The memo says the possible notifications would apply to animals that have been in AAFC’s care for a long time due to behavioral issues.

Citizens who find a pet on the loose or who want to return their own pet to the shelter are asked to keep the animals until AAFC finds solutions.

AAFC is asking for the community’s help to maintain its No Killing Shelter status.

“Staff are working with owners who wish to return their dogs, hoping to find ways to resolve their issues so they can keep their pets,” the memo reads.

The AAC has advice on its website about what to do if you find a lost or stray animal.

Benjamin M. Yerger