Austin Animal Center and Forklift Danceworks will host a free community event promoting rescue animals

Austin Animal Center (AAC) is partnering with Forklift Danceworks to present a free community event Dances for Dogs and People Who Walk Them.

The free event will take place on April 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at AAC, located at 7201 Levander Loop.

Forklift Danceworks, an Austin-based dance company that focuses on fairness and collaboration, will perform a show at 2 p.m. that celebrates the stories of AAC workers and rescue animals. The event will also include waived adoption fees, shelter visits throughout the day, and activity booths with local animal vendors and community partners.

Forklift’s collaboration with AAC will revisit choreography from the original Dances for Dogs and People Who Walk Them showcase, which was produced in 1999. The original showcase premiered in Austin in 2000 and featured dances between dogs and their owners. The dance took place at Zilker Park and nearly 50 dogs and their owners joined in the finale called “Insta-Dog-Dance”.

At the end of Forklift’s AAC performance, the public is invited to participate in the finale, which will be a recreation of “Insta-Dog-Dance”, a fun opportunity for dogs and their owners to appear in the showcase.

UNSPECIFIED – MARCH 21: ‘Dances for Dogs and People Who Walk Them’, a series of short dances performed by dogs and their owners at Meridain Hill Park, Washington, DC. This is the grand finale of the Sunday 3/21/99 event. – (Photo by Dayna Smith/La Wa

“There’s a natural dance that happens every day between dogs and the people who walk them — a dance that reflects their unique personalities, relationships and environments,” said Gretchen LaMotte, choreographer and program manager at Forklift. “Whether trotting calmly or pulling on the leash ready to run and play, a dog’s movement tells a story. And the people who care for dogs are an integral part of that story. At Forklift, we We are thrilled to partner with the Austin Animal Center staff and look forward to celebrating their commitment to the animals and people of our city.”

Dances for Dogs is free and open to the public. Complimentary ticket reservations are encouraged to guarantee entry. AAC recommends that those interested in attending sign up for Forklift’s email newsletter to be among the first to book tickets.

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Benjamin M. Yerger