Animal Rehabilitation Experts Create One Central Online Hub for All Pet Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Fitness Needs

OLDWICK, NJ, February 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An announcement from Vital Vet, with more people owning pets than ever before (68% of households in the United States in 2019 and a considerable increase in pet adoptions in 2020), and with pandemic social distancing protocols still in place, more people are spending time with their pets than ever before. And for those whose pets have mobility issues, they want to do everything possible to help their pets continue to live happy, active lives.

This is where the new site,, between, founded by Ilaria Borghese, MS, MA, OT, and Mary Denzer. Both have worked for years in the field of animal rehabilitation, between their companies Thera-Paw and STAAR (Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation). Vital Vet is designed to be the central, go-to resource for all pet physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness needs.

Vital Vet was created to fill the gap in these specialty pet care markets, making it easy to find recommended treatments, devices, supplements, and more. But the founders of Vital Vet also realized that for many pet parents, rehabilitation options were limited based on geography and in-person availability. Borghese and Denzer knew that virtual visits could solve this problem and recruited top rehabilitation experts to provide in-home teleconsultation services and educational opportunities.

Vital Vet’s rehabilitation-focused teleconsultation services connect pet parents with veterinary experts, offering virtual in-home consultations with a wide range of professionals focused on pain management, injury recovery, strengthening and conditioning, and more. This service is already in high demand on Vital Vet, and a virtual consultation application should be launched in March.

“If you are a pet parent and have a pet that is injured, in pain, or has mobility issues, or are looking for fitness and conditioning programs, are looking for options for your pet Vital Vet is the place to go,” Borghese said. “You’ll be able to find everything under one umbrella – products, services, and information about any stage of your pet’s development or disease.”

There’s nothing else like Vital Vet on the market, and the site’s over 70,000 visitors during its beta period agree! Vital Vet is fast becoming the “” of the online animal rehabilitation space.

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