Animal protection and control officers assist a medical emergency | Local News

As they usually do, Shane Carpenter and Rodney Rogers of Hardin County Animal Care and Control stopped at Burger King on Leitchfield Road near Central Hardin High School for lunch a few weeks ago.

Although they usually go through the drive-thru and bring their meal back to the shelter, Carpenter said Feb. 17 that they decided to dine there.

“Unfortunately, but fortunately, while we were there, we were enjoying our meal and suddenly we hear tables and chairs moving and sliding. … We look up and see a gentleman lying on the floor” , did he declare.

The two immediately went to see what was wrong and provide assistance, Carpenter said, as well as contacting the Hardin County E-911 dispatch center to advise them of the situation.

“We made sure he was alert and called EMS,” Rogers said.

The man was David Leftwich, 72, of Hardin County.

David’s wife, Faye Leftwich, had briefly exited the restaurant to bring their drinks to the car. When she returned, Carpenter said she informed them that David had just been discharged from the hospital and his blood pressure was dropping rapidly.

Although he was reluctant to return to the hospital, Carpenter said David gave in and agreed to go for a checkup. He was transported to Baptist Health Hardin. Faye said he was fine.

She said Carpenter and Rogers were “on the ball”.

“I really enjoyed that,” Faye said. “They didn’t leave him until they got him into the ambulance.”

In addition to their work at the Hardin County Animal Care and Control office, both serve as volunteer firefighters. Carpenter is Deputy Chief of the Stephensburg Fire Department and Rogers is Captain of the Rineyville Fire Department. Carpenter said they were just doing what they were trained to do.

“It’s kind of our passion. That’s what we do,” he said.

Benjamin M. Yerger