Animal Care Center Receives Major Donation

Dustin Ring has a dog named Ellie who was hit by a car on New Years Eve, and the driver of the car and a few other good Samaritans took his dog to the emergency vet and began his care and recovery.

He therefore understands how far a good deed can go to help helpless animals.

That’s why he supports the Jackson Animal Care Center.

His support became much more tangible on Monday when he presented a check for $10,000 to the center.

“I’m at a point where I’m doing well enough to be able to give back, and I wanted to give back to a local organization that would have an impact here,” said Ring, who moved here from Memphis and was in real estate before launching his own. company, Dustin Buys Houses. “And I’m an animal guy. I have two large aquariums at home, a dog and five birds.

“Animals are big and helpless, and sometimes they see the worst side of humanity, so I want them to see the best side.”

Whitney Owen, the center’s director, appreciated the donation, saying it will have an impact on center operations.

“The operation of the center, its bills and staff allowances and benefits are paid for with public funds, but food, health care, emergency care, vaccinations are all funded by donations.

“So Dustin’s donation will go a long way towards caring for 200 animals that will be coming to the center in the coming weeks.”

Owen estimated the total annual cost of medical care for the animals at the center to be between $140,000 and $150,000.

“We have a number of regular donors, including a nice lady here locally who is on a fixed income and donates $10 a month because that’s what she can afford,” Owen said. “That $10 supports the vaccination of three animals each month, so every little bit counts.”

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