Anderson County Animal Care and Control Director Resigns Following Misconduct Allegations

ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) – Anderson County Animal Care and Control Director Brian Porter has resigned following social media allegations accusing him of misconduct, the county mayor said Tuesday. ‘Anderson, Terry Frank, at WVLT News.

Porter was accused in May by an animal shelter employee of performing illegal euthanasia on animals. The employee said Porter’s license had expired at the time of the proceedings. Additionally, the employee alleged that Porter used a “heart stick” to perform the euthanasias, a method they called “extremely painful.”

Porter was also accused of euthanizing more animals than needed at the shelter. According to Frank, in 2017, 71% of cats and 24% of dogs at the shelter were euthanized.

“If they had watery eyes or something like that, ‘boom,’ he would just put them down,” former volunteer Melonee Lunn told WVLT News in May.

At the time of the allegations, Porter made his own statement on social media, saying the post was inaccurate and cast him “in a false light.” Frank also commented on the allegations, saying that “sometimes on social media there’s just this rush to judgement; there is a breach of due process, and Mr. Porter, after a 15-year career here in Anderson County, deserves due process.

Immediately after the charges, the county initiated a human resources investigation into the shelter and Porter’s actions, Frank confirmed in May. The investigation included changes to the shelter, such as adding cameras and a veterinarian to help assess shelter processes.

WVLT News has reached out to Porter for comment but has yet to receive a response.

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Benjamin M. Yerger