All Pets Adopted at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control’s Free Adoption Event

MINNEAPOLIS– Dozens of people were able to return home with a free dog or cat from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control on Friday.

“It’s a super exciting day. I hope it’s him,” Cassie Jensen said.

The Jensens have their eye on a new sidekick.

“I saw Astro the dog online and thought he might be the perfect addition to our family,” Jensen said. “He’s a super cute little boxer mix. We hope to surprise his brother.”

And they are not alone.

“We have 21 dogs and 21 cats,” said Madison Weissenborn, an employee of Minnesota Animal Care & Control. “Of all the animals today, puppies, kittens, dogs, cats will be free.”

A nice bonus for families finding the right pet at the right price – but also a great help for staff.

“I think like most shelters and shelters in the area, we struggled. We saw a drop in adoptions,” Weissenborn said. “We’ve already surpassed our numbers from last year and are only six months out of the year.”

Families are vetted to make sure puppies like Riff are going to a good home.

“Our staff and volunteers work hard to play matchmaker and find the right person for the right family,” Weissenborn said.

After a bit of a wait, and a bit of paperwork, the Jensen family grew by one person.

“We already love him. It looks like he’ll be the perfect fit for our family,” Jensen said.

The plan was for this event to take place over the weekend, but it was such a hit that all of the pets were adopted today. Because all the pets have been adopted, the event is canceled for the rest of the weekend.

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control is always looking for foster families and volunteers for its new foster program.

Benjamin M. Yerger